Carol Buckley

Church Planters to America Headquarters

Almond, New York

On June 14, 2019, Tom Buckley completed the mission God set before him. His faithful service in ministering to churches in rural America touched countless lives. Please pray for Carol as she continues serving at C.P.A.

Tom was born and raised in Fort Lee, NJ and has one sister. Prior to becoming a teenager, Tom accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior at a youth rally. After high school, Tom attended Providence-Barrington Bible College, majoring in missions. Early in his freshman year, Tom met his future wife, Carol. During the second year of Bible College, they were challenged to become missionaries to open closed churches in America. Upon graduation in 1959, Tom was ordained in June, he and Carol married in July, and they opened their first closed church in November. Tom and Carol were assisted in their ministry by their two children, Tom and Debbie, who are now married with each having two children.

Carol grew up in Morristown, NJ and was the middle of five children. She was saved as a young teen through the influence of a godly Sunday School teacher. After working for a couple of years after high school, Carol attended Providence-Barrington Bible College where she met Tom. She studied Christian Education, which proved to be a valuable asset in the ministry of church planting. She has labored at Tom’s side as wife, mother, pastor’s wife, and mission director’s wife. Together, they have seen hundreds saved, five churches established, and spent many years leading missionaries who have a burden for America and the desire to establish churches in communities throughout America. It is their desire to keep serving as long as God gives health or the Lord returns. 

Due to a series of unique circumstances, the Buckleys founded CHURCH PLANTERS TO AMERICA (C.P.A.) in 1996 with the help of five other missionary families. Tom serves as the director of CHURCH PLANTERS TO AMERICA.